How often the list of properties is updated?

I 'd like to know how often the list of properties is updated? When a property is sold and closed how long after the change is reflected in your database?

Also it seems like your site does not display all available REO properties. I was looking at the list of REOs in Daily Commerce for a property with parcel number 2146-037-159 located in 91367 zip code and this property is not showing up in your list when I search by zip code 91367. Can you please explain why?

Hi brushenas,

Are you using the free search tool to find the property or are you searching using ForeclosureRadar’s subscription service?If you are searching with the free tool, you may need to click Next to get 20 more properties as the free tool only shows 20 at a time. However, if you are using the subscription service, try just putting the APN number in and searching and 5510 Ownesmouth will come up.

As for our data, it is updated daily. For more information on our data, please visit

You can also click here to view a forum discussion on why a REO property may not show.



Let me add that we only show REO properties for 120 days from the date of auction, and this is likely the issue you are running into. We chose to do this as these properties are often listed after that so the information is available elsewhere. That said we are getting lots of feedback that folks would like to research older foreclosures and we are planning to add this in a future release.

Hi Lance,
I am using subscription service and I compared that with the list of REOs provided by “Daily Commerce” magazine which publishes all the lagal ads in California on a daily basis.

I don’t have a copy of the Daily Commerce here, but REO’s typically aren’t published as legal ads as there is no state requirement to do so. They do often publish Notices of Default, and Notices of Trustee Sale which are the first two steps in the foreclosure process. As publishing is required before recording at the courthouse, you may find notices in these publications that we have not yet received. Because of this time difference I have attempted to collect notices from publications rather than the county recorders office in the past. Trying to track every possible publication is simply impossible and inevitably things got missed. As such we now solely use the county recorders office as they require each notice document to be filed in a manner that makes them a far more reliable source.