Short Sale Report

Does anyone know how up-to-date the Short Sale Report is?

Hi Tom,
The short sale report is updated monthly and any new or or pertinent information is updated as it is received. There are other homeowners and realtors posting comments regularly. As you would hear in the latest post which is an interview with a top executive from Bank of America the rules changed every 2 to 3 weeks. We continue to provide all information at a guide or a way to potentially identify which lenders are easier to work with. We always welcome your comments.


I am a full time Realtor in Sacramento CA and you are exactly right, you have to be flexoble in this market and knowledgeable. I am a Door Knocker. Every Wed & Thur I am out knocking on NODs & NOTs. More than Happy to offer advice. Got 14 Listings this year doing this. Paul 916-771-4291

Hi Paul, Congratulations on gettting 14 listings this year–I have considered this approach --Seems like every agent in our area uses direct mail. I would like to hear a lot more about your experiences and advice—Is there a best time to call you—I know tomorrow and Thurs are probably bad for you. By the way–I am NOT in your market–I am a Broker in the Antioch/Brentwood market. Thanks, Ron Garcia Alta Vista Realty Group (925) 584-5139

Hi Paul and Ron,
You both are doing exactly what I have strongly considered this year. The challenge that I am facing is that the NOD’s from our Tax Records in Rappatoni is about 2 weeks out. I need to learn how to use Foreclosure Radar and obtain Fresh NOD’s. Are the NOD leads accurate and fresh?

I am not in either of your markets and would be open to any of your comments and help. I have been specializing in Short Sales and have helped over 28 homeowners avoid Foreclosure Via Short Sale. I have worked with all the major Lenders and Servicers and i would be very interested in discussing this with you. My cell # is (559) 696-1415. i would love a call from either of you.

Hi Jessie, ForeclosureRadar posts new notices each day. We typically run 3-10 days from the recording of the document to posting the info on our site depending on the county. Some counties are faster than others. Keep in mind that once recorded the documents must be filmed and abstracted. Obviously accuracy is VERY important to us. If you ever have any questions please feel free to contact

I hope you guys don’t mind, but I will take you up on your generous offer to call. I would love to get feedback on door knocking techniques.


Great for you Paul! I use to door knock quite often in the “Day” but since REO’s and Short Sales came around I have not done so! But I feel I should again- especially since people know who I am - and I can target those around my “Farms” to begin with- I think it would have a BIG impact! What’s your thought on me doing this in my Farms- for starters? Or near my “Farms” where people know me- or heard of me-maybe? Thanks for your time! Terri Bruno from Laguna Niguel, CA