Who are the top 10 Lenders to work with on Short Sales?

I want to set up a door to door system and I am currently using Radar for my data. I only want to solicit the best and easiest to get a short sale approved; like Wachovias are the easiest of all. Who are the other 9? GMAC is on my list already, who else??

Check out our Short Sale Report! Be sure to check out the comments from other Realtors and homeowners. We recently added the Time to Foreclosure on the major lenders that may help you see which ones are taking longer and providing more time to get the short sale closed. http://www.foreclosureradar.com/short-sale-report

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Hi Michelle, I am not able to check out the comments due to a lock out from these windows I am trying to follow. I seem to remember something about cookies but don’t know where to go to uncheck my cookies. Thanks, Kurt

Hi Kurt, Try going to our home page and under the learning center click on the short sale report and see if you then see the comments. Otherwise you may need to clear your browser cookies.

Hi Michelle,

I am not able to retreive the short sale list, can you help me?


Hi Tami, If you cannot click the link above go to the short sale report you can also click on the Learning Center tab on our home page to see the short sale report. There is not an article regarding the top 10 lenders this was a question posted in our forums and I directed him to our short sale report.

No Article posted to read on best top 10 lenders for short sales.

Opinion: on Short sales in Calif.
My experience in the last 11 months personally…1st SS-.BoA was the worst… after 6 months and 24 hours to close, BOA wanted and demanded another 125k. and to renegotiate my deal…and for me to pay SSnegotiator 22k and for me to pay 16k in deliquent HOA fees. I walked., MY 2nd SS-Chase got to the SS approval agreement in 3.5 weeks, same price but changed the agreed to close date mid stream. Seems TERMS are to accomodate seller “negotiator”…not Buyer or agent. It was havoc to meet new date and the place was still being lived in…a pig stye!. Not all closing conditions were met by sellers. Escrow was lax on HOA demands. Not a smooth transition. Sale closed because bank demanded change in close date with no option for any delays.Hard to really know if it was the " Short Sale negotiator", 2 agents or the Bank.
Would not do a 3rd Short sale unless very good equity in a great location…and a trusted Bank. And this was a cash close. I would not use a negotiator. Wasted money when you have a good agent. NOTE***Be hard back on the negotiations…and remember, you are doing every one a big favor when buying a short sale property. Let the banks show you great customer service, as well as the R E agents and Escrow Co. The sellers, you are saving their credit…and should do everything to help things close on time. Even send a thank you note would be in good order!
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