How can I use this website to obtain short sale listings?

I just wanted to know when a house shows up on this radar? Once the owner misses their first payment?

There are a couple of way that you can search for new Notice of Defaults. You can select p-preforeclosure and then set a date range under Notice Dates to access only the most recent Notice of Default’s.

You can also set a location and select p-preforeclosure and hit search. This will give you all NOD’s over the last 120 days. You can sort by the recording date in the list view to see the most recent filings. If you do not see the recording date go to the customize tab on the far right of the tool bar and select recording date to show in your list view. You can then sort them chronologically by clicking on the top of the column,

You can also save this search by hitting the save button (under the search button). This will allow you to name this search and when you access your saved searched under the main menu tab it will automatically keep track of the last time you ran this search and allow you to easily access all new notices.

You can set up an alert to automatically send you and email if a new notice has posted in your area. To set up an alert go to Manage Alerts (beta) in the main menu and click new alert.