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Need some clarification on how to find pre-foreclosures in oregon

In Oregon, is the auction date set right at the time of default? Foreclosure radar doesn’t list pre-foreclosures for Oregon so I’m just trying to figure out how to process works and how to find homes going into pre-forclosure in oregon.

Oregon uses a “Notice of Default and Election to Sell”, which combines the notice of default and the notice of sale into one document. We show them as Auction’s (the initial state of a Notice of Sale) because despite the combo name they are really the notice of sale.?That said the are also the notice of default and thus are really “Preforeclosures” too - it just makes no sense to duplicate them and show them in each category.

Note that the term “Preforeclosure” is utterly meaningless legally. Its a marketing term that was used to “dumb-down” the foreclosure process for noobs. We don’t like it, but kind of have to use it because customers have been taught to search for preforeclosures. Properties that are scheduled for auction are still preforeclosure, because the sale hasn’t yet?occurred. Properties that are delinquent but not yet in foreclosure are also “pre” foreclosure, but we call those delinquencies. It’s all a bit arbitrary, and as I said, legally meaningless - you won’t find that term anywhere in the law. To that end getting a strong understanding of the foreclosure process in your state and the laws that drive it will put you ahead of the game. For more Foreclosure Laws information click here:?

If you’re looking for a foreclosed property in Oregon it looks like they are all at?

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