Darn, I am sorry that i will have to miss the great webinar this afternoon

This is Simon Wu of Advantage Title. I am very sorry but because of an early appointment, i won’t be able to listen to the webinar this afternoon regarding “reducing risk in title search”. Please let me know how i can listen to it via another method or another time. Also want to let everybody know I am providing title search as a service(by the way, i read some topic from people… my people who do title search are all either current title officers or former title officers who have extensive experience on title and access to title plants.) So want let everybody know that I am here for those who need and REMEMBER, we offer 50% on TITLE POLICY. THank you. SIMON WU 626 589 8822 simonwu01@gmail.com

Hey Simon,
We actually have a recorded version of that webinar posted to the site. You can go to http://www.foreclosureradar.com/webinars and scroll to the bottom of the page to see the recorded version!

got it…thank you^^