Title Search Options?

I know it is very important to research other liens and encumbrances on a property. When I’ve bought regular (non-auction) properties, I used a preliminary title report issued by a title/escrow company to research the title. BUT, when researching hundreds of auction properties every month, I don’t think the title company will supply this many prelims without a high fee charged.

Is there a service available or website that I can use that will give all the details of a prelim report? It would be nice to be able to read the specific recorded docs on each prospective property without going to the recorders office or constantly calling and paying the escrow/title company.


Hi Brian,
We will be holding a title research webinar in the next few weeks on this topic so watch our Upcoming Webinars. We will be giving you a checklist for your title research and showing you how to reduce your risk through research. Right now you can use the Transaction History in ForeclosureRadar as a first step. You will then want to get familiar with your County Grantor/Grantee index (most counties have them online) so that you can further research the properties that you are interested in buying. Stay tuned for additional announcements by ForeclosureRadar.

Thank you, Michelle. I will be keeping a look out for that particular webinar. If you happen to know the date when, please let me know

We should be scheduling that webinar by the end of the week with the first one taking place next week. You will get notification from us since this is going to be a very exciting webinar!!