help with title search and other due diligance

is there any services that does title research on properties for you? what does something like that cost per property

You can usually get a property profile, showing APN, loans/liens, doc #s & recording dates, etc., against your target property, from a local title company. Most real estate agents can facilitate acquisition of such reports as they have title company connections. The title company is willing to provide these complimentary (free) summary reports in the hope/expectation that you will send them escrows. Most trustee sales (courthouse steps) buyers need several such reports each week and you can quickly wear out your welcome if you’re not sending any biz to the title co. Once you give them an escrow or two, you’ll find it’s easier to get these reports done w/o any grumbling. Be advised that these complimentary “property profiles” should not be mistaken for a full title report and as such there is no warranty. See the recent FR thread on this topic > Title Company Not Standing Behind the Information Provided

You can also often find freelancing pros who will do chain of title research for you. Many are ex title company employees and they’ll do the work for a nominal free ($25 to $50 per property). Ask your agent connections, ask at the steps, and also ask around down at the recorder’s office. I prefer Dos Equis and I prefer to do my own title research … but there are occasions when you can’t be in two places at once and you need the data quickly, as in hours or even minutes (e.g. a late opening bid). In such cases, I’ll ask one of the guns for hire (who are already down at the recorder’s office) to run me a report.

Hello SS, this is Simon Wu of Advantage Title. I have been posting my ad or information on this website many times. I will provide you with title search. Yes, I agree with Danny with title company do not gurantee anything. We are doing our best for search.
However, I do want to mention out of more than 400+ properties i have helped my clients to buy(doing title search) I have not had an issue yet. I tell you what i see on record, if there is any unclear DOT(loan) then I will tell you. I will not make any judgment on your behalf. I WILL TELL YOU THAT i do search just like how PRO BIDDERS out there on steps do. I tell you everything i see and You can make decision with my informations.

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