Recommendations for Title Search and Lien Search?

I have been looking for an online service like this!? Do you have one for title and lien search?? I know there is more than one, but which one do you use?

The only title and lien search tools that are worth a darn are Property Insight and DataTrace, which are the tools the title companies use. These are far better then other choices as they search based on legal description rather than name. Neither is very easy for individuals to get access to as they really only sell to title co’s.
A couple of things I do recommend. Get a good tool for pulling title documents. I use DataTree’s desktop tool (it is very fast at pulling mulitple docs). For search I use the county recorders office (name based search), or when possible one of the two above.

Is Data Tree available and affordable for small investors? Oh I tried to log on to L A County Recorders office, but they only provide info by mail or in person.

DataTree plans starts at about $100/mo. For one off documents (with higher costs per doc) try
LA County is one of the only big counties to not offer online grantor/grantee search. Definitely a bummer.