Title search specialiists in the Seattle area for independent investor?

Hi - just getting back into the game. My former title search guy who specialized in working with auction investors is no longer around. He provided free brief searches and then I threw him business on properties I purchased/sold. Any recommendations for title search contacts in the Seattle area who are accustomed to working with foreclosure investors?

Don’t forget, King County Recorder, lets you do a lot of searching on line. Unfortunately, they no longer make lots of docs available for actual viewing on line. (A few types still are.) You have to go to their office to review what they no longer show online. The restriction on viewing some docs online was a County ordinance - so maybe other Wa. counties still make that available. You can see the details of all recorded docs - just not, in many cases, the docs themselves.
Ca. does not allow viewing of any docs on line.

Hi Mike, thanks for the comment. I do conduct the online searches with the recorderer’s office. I just like to verify that I didn’t miss something before plunking down a big chuck of money. Thanks again for the feedback!