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Do you show all the results from my selected search criteria?

When I do a search and get 200 of 4530 results (for example), does that mean you’re only showing 200 of the possible 4530 foreclosures?

We do limit the results to 200 at one time for performance reasons, and because 200 is simply too many to be looking through. We recommend narrowing your search results by using any of the over 30 search criteria.
A good way to do this is to divide and conquer, since most searches can be split into portions. For example, you could use the Foreclosure Details category to select preforeclosures, then auctions, and then bank owned properties in a given area. You could also search by price range. And another approach is to switch to map-based searching, zoom in, then simply move the map and press search again.

PropertyRadar’s new application functions similarly, however you’re now able to view 500 properties rather than 200. ?The recommendations above hold true, for best results narrow down your search. ?You can view all results in a search by exporting the results if you need a large list. ?Please feel free to contact if you have any questions related to this.