Does Anyone Do Business with Reo Solutions? Are they Legit or a Scam?

Hi, I received a call today from Reo Solutions and for $295 they will start giving me REO listing in my area. I see there is a company called Absolute REO Solutions that people have given money to and never received a listing. Is this the same company? Does anyone have any feedback on this company? Scam? or Legit?

Unfortunately I fell for their scam and paid the money. I got one bpo. Didn’t get paid until 3-4 months after completing the bpo and only after sending 2-3 email,s the final one the someone high up in the company.
I found another website that had hundreds of other agents who had paid for this and never got a listing. It is a scam. Don’t spend your money. Check the Better Business Bureau also, they have multiple complaints and have been Revoked.