Duetsche Bank Analysis Documents **here**

People have been asking about them. Here they are:

The DB ‘underwater’ report

The more interesting report about home prices that is the basis for the above document:


Good stuff, thanks.

Interesting report, but there are several problems: first it is by the research department of a “bank” and we already know the banks are not being truthful about the extent of the housing slump based on the information contained on Foreclosureradar regarding banks and their tier-one-capital-requirements conflict of interest, second the “affordability” variable of Deutche’s analysis is flawed (and even they footnote it as a potential issue), third the use of median income during a time when lower income households are disproportionately impacted by the economic slowdown is an obvious statistical distortion up, and fourth the unemployment rates (which everyone knows are statistical fiction) are utilized as though they are accurate. I would bet my BS in Investments and Masters in Advanced Financial Analysis and Economics that Sean’s Analysis/Blog contained in this site regarding the actual future of housing in the CA market gives a far more accurate picture of the future of housing than Deutsch’s analysis …