Searching for foreclosures - Gary Schwaegerle

If one could tell how many Properties are in Default state, Notice of Trustee Sale and Pending to be Foreclosed upon or Short Saled or Loan Modified we might be able to predict how Volitile a Market we are in? Are we in the Eye of the Storm? Gary Schwaegerle

Hi Gary - check out our CA Foreclosure Report. We track all those stats and more.

Thanks Good Lead it sure is Time Consuming trying to follow this All & come up with good leads that lead to Closed Transactions

The Real Estate Market in the San Francisco Bay Area appears to be heating up again dispite the Economy. Contact Gary Schwaegerle to put your dream real estate package together.

With 31 years in Real Estate the Roller Coaster Ride continues on what’s Amazing; despite everything it appears Values seem to double every 10 years in our area. Contact me today Gary Schwaegerle to Build on Your Future

Gary … no dis intended and not sayin’ that we won’t see a real estate recovery sometime/somewhere over the horizon, but your note about “values seeming to double every 10 years in our area” (based on your listings, Alameda Co is apparently your “area?”) rings hollow today … particularly for those who literally bought that very same pitch from agents in '05 and '06. Granted some local markets have fared better than others … but for the last 5 years the trend-line has been down. Given the shadow inventory that’s still out there today + banks reluctance to provide financing, I’d say we are more likely to see a flat market for quite a number of months. Perhaps this explains why we are seeing so many new investors coming to the courthouse steps looking to buy (via trustee sales) a home to live in. Many I’ve talked with seem to be leery of paying “retail” even in this market, and I can’t say that I blame them for seeking a “deal” given how badly, in general, real estate has performed of late (last 5 years). Of course, anyone who buys at the “steps” absolutely must do their homework, research, and fully understand the inherent risks in trustee sales. I believe most (not all) who try to buy a home to live in at the steps are making a mistake unless they are ready, willing and able to gain an understanding of the game and they have a trusted (< key) steps savvy advisor in their corner.

Well it’s September of 2013 and the Real Estate Market is hot again values up. Just shows how much people love Real Estate, Gary Schwaegerle

Well it’s December 2013. In Our Bay Area prices have nicely stabilized and actually went up in value the last 2 years. Contact me to strategize Your Real Estate Plans. Gary Schwaegerle