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Trustee sale investor trends for 2021 #ddre28

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Greg Clark is a Bay Area real estate investor. Greg moved to California in 1995 to attend college and play football for Stanford University. After Stanford, he played 5 years for the San Francisco 49ers, before a career-ending injury. While recovering from back surgery he jumped in real estate finance and never looked back. In 2004 he started buying foreclosures through trustee sales. He and his brother Jon Clark have successfully purchased and rehabbed over 400 homes. His greatest accomplishment besides his wife and two kids was surviving the 2007 housing crash.

With the passage of SB 1079, California trustee sale investors are cautiously approaching courthouse sales in 2021 due to the new California redemption period that went into effect on January 1st. What opportunities are available for trustee sale investors in 2021? Sean and Aaron discuss potential real estate investing strategies and the unique skillsets trustee investors bring to the party.

Main Topics/Questions:

  • How Greg entered the business
  • How have trustee sales changed since 2004
  • Is trustee sale investing really the most challenging strategy?
  • What has it taken to compete at trustee sale over the past five years with Wall Street?
  • What is SB 1079 and how does it impact trustee sale investors in California?
  • What trustee sale investing has looked like over the past few years?
  • What concerns does SB 1079 present?
  • What opportunities exist before a property goes to sale? Will banks be more likely to avoid foreclosure in California because of the new rules?
  • Will there be less competition at the courthouse steps and what does that mean for the consumer and the banks?
  • What happened is the government entity, nonprofit, or new owner-occupant does not perform on or before day 45 of the redemption period?
  • Will there be an opportunity after the sale?
  • What other buy strategies are trustee sale buyers uniquely prepared to thrive at in 2021?