False/Positives and Data Filters

I use Realtytrac to develop supplemental market analysis in residential appraisal reports. Realtytrac’s property type filters however, are weak and always allow condo data to leak into SFR data and vice versa. I then manually have to recount and re-filter the data. It’s a total nightmare.

I want to sample ForeclosureRadar but do not want to provide a credit until I know search filters are superior. If they are not, I’ll simply stay with Realtytrac. Is there any way to test ForeclosureRadar’s accuracy without risking having pay for testing their accuracy?


Hi Michael,
I think you will really like our search, and how hard we work to offer better data quality. I certainly think it would be worth your time to at least compare
Unfortunately we have had to requre a credit card for free trials due to websites like mailinator.com that allow folks to create fake email addresses at will to steal continued access to our service.
We try to make it easy to cancel, you can do it either in the MyAccount tab, using our ContactUs form, or even by just sending an email to support @ foreclosureradar.com. As long as you cancel within the trial period you will not be charged. And no one here has access to your credit card number - we can only see the last 4 digits.
I hope that helps answer your question, and that you will give us try.
Best Regards,
Sean - Founder