Finding TS Numbers : How do I find the TS # for an REO listed on Fannie Mae .

The TS # makes it easier to search FR.

Hi Bill,
Once the sale is complete and the property becomes a REO listed on they do not use the TS# so you will not see it on the HomePath site.
When searching for a single property in ForeclosureRadar it is important to check the box “show historical records” under the C-Cancelled in the Foreclosure Details area of the search bar. By default we only show records for the last 120 days. If you are looking up an individual property the notice may have been filed over 120 days ago. Also, it is important to “Select All” since you do not know if the property has been canceled, sold to 3rd or is now bank owned.

It is also important that the address matches exactly what we have in our system. If you are looking for 707 First St and we have it in our system as 707 1st St you will get no results. This is why we always say less is more when searching for a single property. Start by entering the city or the zip code and then the street number.