Get Notified of New Mechanics Liens and Recordings

Looking to create a static list that will monitor a list of properties in a portfolio for new mechanics liens or other recordings that come onto title? If new recordings come up, want to be notified that via email or by the app.

Hi Socalange,
That’s a great use case. Our current “Status changes” trigger won’t do that directly, but it’s still easy to setup.

  1. Create your static lists with the properties you want to monitor.
  2. Create a new list for each item you want to monitor. For example, for mechanic and HOA liens you would add the following criteria:
    a. My Data>In Any List>[your static list]
    b. Loans & Liens>Liens>Lien Type>Select HOA & Mechanics
    c. Loans & Liens>Liens>Lien Status>Open/Active
  3. If none of your properties have open HOA or mechanics liens the list should come back with 0 results - that’s ok, go ahead and click Make List and be sure to turn on Monitoring.
  4. Now add the automation to alert you when new items match your list.

You can do the same thing for loans, or anything else you want to monitor for.