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Advanced alerts on PropertyRadar?

Weeks and weeks ago, I switched over to PropertyRadar. Lots of hoopla and pressure to switch over. Just realized that you don’t offer Advanced/Immediate Alerts yet with the PropertyRadar platform and you disabled my Advanced Alerts on ForeclosureRadar. That doesn’t sit well with me. You need to activate my Advanced Alerts on ForeclosureRadar without having to restart my account over there. That seems fair, right?

Hi Adam -

I am so sorry for any inconvenience. ?

The Alert feature is coming soon on PropertyRadar. ?I am happy to turn your Adv. Alerts back on in ForeclosureRadar until we can offer this feature on PropertyRadar. ?However, please email me at so I can get your account information.

Immediate Alerts are now live and available in PropertyRadar for Professional Subscribers, in addition to Teams and now access to AZ, NV, OR and WA. We hope you’ll take full advantage of this exciting new major release. Please be sure and email us at for any questions.

PropertyRadar has supplied a wide variety of alert options for quite a while now! ?You can set an alert on any search you create. ?These alerts can be emails or text messages and can be immediate or daily summaries. ?Learn more about our alerts at?