Homeowner's or renter's insurance on auction property

Are their any companies that provide short term insurance on auction property? I tried calling my agent and they can’t cover the property unless they can get inside and take pictures. Only problem is the property will most likely be occupied and I don’t think the person living there will allow it. I thought about doing a cash for keys and negotiate time for the insurance person to check out the property, but I would like the property to be insured asap if I win the auction.

Do people just bypass the insurance until they can evict the person living on the property? It seems like a huge risk to me.

Look into a “builders risk” policy - most landlords and homeowners policies have exceptions that make them worthless for the auction flip business even if you can get them.

I found an agent that can write a rental policy with just a picture of the front of the house. I’ll have to get additional details to find out which items are covered. I’m not looking to flip, I’m looking for an auction home to live in which makes it even more difficult since there’s only one or two and they keep changing the auction dates!