I am having difficulty finding insurance for flippers. I am told the insurance is different for a property that is being held to resell from a property that is a rental. And, they are not happy about the houses being vacant. Any suggestions on what product to ask for, which companies offer the insurance in CA and where to get it?

You want a “builders risk policy”. Very different then your typical homeowners or landlord insurance. For those of you using rental property policies READ THEM. You’ll likely find that they do not cover you unless you meet pretty stringent requirements around trying to rent the property.

Hi Sean, Should I just get a “homeowners policy” instead of “builders risk policy” if my objective is to live in the property instead of flipping it? How can I get an insurance with out the trustee’s deed? Is a copy of the document that is filled by the auctioneer at the courthouse sufficient to get an insurance on a property? Thanks

A phone call is usually sufficient to get insurance, though you may need to show proof of ownership down the line. By that time you will of course have the deed. Yes, if you plan to liver there just get a homeowners policy.