How are the regulars researching these trustee sale properites

I have gone to several trustee sales now as I am trying to learn the process. It is obvious that the “regulars” have it down on how they buy these properties. How are they quickly researching these properties and thier liens? I have gone the recorders office several times to review the liens and not once have I seen one of these regulars in there. They are somehow getting this information provided for them. Are they getting it directly from the title company research dept. Evidently they can provide a lot of this information if you have a contact willing (or bribed) to do it. Can someone tell me how? It is way too tiime consuming going to the recorders office all the time.

Some just wing it and take the risk. Some have relationships at the title co. Some use tools like TitlePoint. Some have people they send to the recorders office. There really is no “one way” to do it.