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Interested in buying from a person familiar with auctions and the process -Fast Flip Opportunity

I am interested in buying a house up for auction in the near future in the Ventura County area. If there is an investor willing to purchase the house at the auction, we can make arrangements for a fast flip opportunity for that investor. I would basically purchase the house from them as-is once the deed was in hand. Purpose being that I could can get financing and title insurance.

I would assume that we would create a contract that would agree on the maximum bid price; flat rate + incentives for lowest bid possible.

Post your information if interested.


Hi Eric,
You can reach out to the Norris Group The Norris Group If they cannot help you they can probably refer you to someone that can.

Many professional buyers are willing to “wholesale” properties they bought for a quick profit. I don’t know anyone in Ventura. In addition to Michelle’s suggestion I would suggest going to “the steps” a few times and pass out your card.