Is it best to use a professional eviction service?

I am poised to buy a property in a foreclosure auction that could turn into a delicate/sticky eviction process … hard to say at this juncture so just looking for advice. The “clues” as to trouble are:
* Long time property ownership
* No effort to sell the property (plenty of equity) despite the NOD/NTS
* Parents and grown kids all live at the property (all four are on title)
* Substantial sums of money have been invested (albeit too much borrowed) in the property over the last 5 years
* I also learned via Google that the son was a Marine and a heavy weight division fighter of some repute. He could be a gentle giant … or not.

These facts are giving me pause despite the fact that there’s substantial equity in the property. My question is the use of a professional eviction service. In sticky situations like the aforementioned, is it best to hire pros to handle the eviction?

Here’s what I would do, your mileage may vary:
Step 1: Don’t contact the owner until after you have received and recorded the deed.
Step 2: Have an eviction service deliver a 3 day notice to quit. Find a service that is high touch and willing to contact the owner in person. Have them politely ask when they were planning to move and if there is anything they can do to help. Hopefully at this point negotiate cash-4-keys.
Step 3: Proceed with eviction.

If you can’t find an eviction service that is willing to contact in person and negotiate cash for keys, try a local REO broker and see if you could pay them a fee to do it. Just be sure to ask if they have a high success rate on cash-4-keys first.

If you are really good with people, understand how to de-escalate when needed, and have a good common sense when it comes to personal safety you can try doing it yourself, but there is little upside otherwise.