Bought at auction, now eviction stragegies ?

Hi, I just bought a trustee sale at the auction today, which is my first. I am a bit overwhelmed, since some investors at the auction told me that eviction might not come easy. I was thinking of doing the following, with questions within:

Sending out a letter to the current owner tomorrow, asking him to move out. English being my second language, I am a bit concerned about how to write such a letter, to be firm yet not rude. Do you have any sample, or point me to some examples on the web ? How long should be the time I request him to move out ? 2 weeks, 3 weeks ? Some one also saying that I should send out the letter to him, only after I got the deed from the firm, which means a couple of weeks later ? I was told to use PO box as return address, instead of my own address, for privacy concerns ? And using certified return signature required on the letter ?

In the letter, shall I propose deals, like move out in 2 weeks, and give him some cash, like 500$, or shall I leave number to ask him contact me for a smooth transaction ? Any good suggestions, strategies on eviction in general ? like broom-clean at certain date, give him some cash out ? On a second thought, I might go to knock on the door and talk to the owner directly, do you normally do face-to-face, or just letter and phone communication ? Any advice on direct dicussion ?

If he refuses to move out, then I start the normal eviction process–which I am not quite clear about the details yet—but, in the end, will the sheriff force them to move out, once I am win the case in the court ? Worst case, how long the whole process can drag out ? 6 months ?

Do you need to buy insurance right away ? or at least after I got the deed mailed to me ?

Do I need to hire an attorney to do all these ? I was told, one investor has to go to court for eviction, and the judge is not happy that he does not file the demand-to-leave letter by an attorney. Any good realty attorneies you can recommand ?

Sorry for asking so much, since it is my first auction, and I guess I am a bit worried after hearing those investors talking about eviction issues, and I know this owner is tough to deal with, since he lived there 17 years, and has a court order against him already from home equity company, just to make this auction to happen. Thanks a lot !

We do not currently cover Texas so we are not familiar with the eviction laws in that state. Most of the investors we know prefer to knock on the door and talk to the occupant. During this conversation you can find out if they are the past owner or a tenant. (There may be different laws in Texas regarding the eviction of a tenant vs an owner). Usually you can determine if they are going to be cooperative or if you are going to need to evict them.
If you are uncomfortable doing this you may want to consult with a local Realtor. If they cannot help you they would probably be able to refer you to someone that can as well as provide you with the name of a good eviction service/attorney if necessary.