Tried to talk to the ex owner about cash 4 key, the afternoon I bought the house at a trustee sale

This is my first purchase, and would really appreciate any input.
Tried to talk to the ex owner about cash 4 key, the afternoon I bought the house at a trustee sale in California. Relatives in the house told me she, the ex owner isn’t home. So, I left my contact information with the relative, and a message: “I understand you are in a difficult situation, and I am willing to work with you, maybe even offer financial support. Please call me, and we could talk about it”.
A day has gone by, and no one called.
The dilemma I am having is: since I already initiated contact attempt, if I don’t keep up the effort, I worry the ex owner will not take me serious in our future negotiations. However, if I keep trying to talk to the ex owner and keep getting the “she is not home” run around, I don’t know if there is any action I could take, since I don’t have the deed in my hand yet. I worry this might lead them to think I am weak and they don’t need to take me serious.
Some color on the ex owner. She refinanced in 2005 for almost double the purchase price from the mid 90s, and took out a $100k 2nd in 2008. She has not made a payment since late 2009.

I drove by the house again, and got the same “she is not home”. I then spoke with an attorney specializes in eviction law. He told me to go ahead and serve a d day notice tomorrow.
I really hope the ex owner calls me back and work someting out after getting the notice. Any suggestion on how to encourage the ex owner to talk and work wth me?
If I really have to go through with an eviction, is there property insurance I can buy to protect agaisnt posible damages?

EDog is Eric. I meant to say “3 day notice” not “d day notice” in my last post.

EDog, probably best to leave the amphibious transport ships and infantry at home. Scientists say the sand on Normandy’s beaches is still made up of 4% shrapnel… 68 years after D-Day. :wink:

Posting a 3-day notice usually provokes a response from the occupants. Personally, I like to get a face-to-face with the ex-owner before posting. I’ve found things always go more smoothly if you can get a face-to-face.

Figure out the ex-owner’s schedule and show up when you are sure they are home. You will quickly figure out if they are dodging you or not.

Evict them, they are not acting in good faith. They are dodging you for sure.

I visted my property 3 times trying to get a face to face. The first time in the afternoon, and the ex-owner’s brother told me the ex-owner won’t be home until 5pm. On the 2nd day, I visited at 5:30pm, and the ex-owner’s sister told me the ex-owner won’t be home untile after 6pm. On the 3rd day, I visited at 6:30pm. This time the ex-owner’s sister just said the ex-owner isn’t home. I explained to the sister that, “I can only help you guys out if I get to talk to the ex-owner, please just call me so we could talk, or set a time and place to meet. I rather give you guys the money, instead of paying the same money to an eviction attorney. I will come by again tomorrow to serve a 3-day notice, but I am still open to talk and help before the attorney takes over after 3 days.”
It’s been 2 and half days since I posted the notice. At this point, I am no longer expecting, or hoping to talk to the exowner. I am happy to just let my attorney take over after this weekend is over.