Is there a bulletproof subscription service for checking title?

I’m looking for an online title check service that is affordable for a single user. I usually go to the County Recorder but it would be great if I could do it from my office.

I ask because that recent Bloomberg “house flipping” article makes it seem such a service exists: “Rodriguez, 31, and Bogenn, 47, didn?t see the house before making an offer. Like many investors, they subscribe to a service that checks titles” (

Nothing bulletproof, otherwise there would be no reason for title insurance. That said, I’d recommend checking out, that’s likely the best solution in CA (though coverage varies by county).

Sean – Thanks for the tip. Have you used their TitlePoint Xpress tool? Is it sufficient?

BTW, are you the only person who can use the “Sean” forum handle?

As for whether or not it is sufficient you really have to evaluate it for your particular area. There depth of coverage, and method of matching (geo vs. name) varies by area. I should be the only Sean, but forums can be a little wild - dealing with spam and malicious entires is a battle. Between that and the fact that I’m human and make mistakes like everyone else, I’d just caution everyone to use their own head, and consult with accountants, title co’s and attorneys as needed.