Is there a website to research chain of title in California?

I am an investor in Arizona and have access to websites that will provide me with the chain of title on any property. Is there a site in California that will let me do the same? My research has directed me to be able to order them hardcopy to my house, but obviously for auction buying this is not time effective. It is 2011 after all.

I am not aware of any master non-subscription (free) website that gives you full access to the many counties data on properties. You can get online directly at most CA counties recorder’s offices, however, most sites limit your research to their index (only one layer deep), which does not allow you to look at the document images (mission critical for effective chain of title research). There are other sites e.g. that have paid a fee to the counties to access their databases (full access to index and doc images), but as you might expect, this type of “full view” service is available only via expensive $ monthly subscription. If you are working in a team, the subscription cost can be spread out amongst the investors. For an individual, this service can be fairly pricey.

Anyone else know any different? It would be great to minimize the time and expense of direct travel to the county recorder’s office.

I know Foreclosure Radar has direct links to each county recorder’s office website and will allow you to purchase docs images ($3 per doc) from the counties for direct upload to your computer > … FR will also (soon??) be re-introducing a preliminary title report (yes??) that you can order using the same card you’ve entered for your FR subscription. This report is assembled by an outside title company in partnership w FR.

More background >

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Thank you

I am working in san Diego, is that an option for your title company?

i dont know if it helps provide records for a chain of title search because i am not a paying member. But this website might be of some help for something im sure. ? ?also try yhe county assessors website. ?may i also point out that a bail bonds company might know of some websites, software or other resources.? hope this helps.