Where can I search for liens on the property in california

Is ?there a way to search for liens on line not using title company in california?

Sure … First a subscription to Foreclosure Radar/Property Radar, will give you all of the basic property demographic data you need, including: open loans, transaction history (loans, deeds, NODs/NTSs, etc), ownership/title, NTS auction data, etc… If you want to look at virtually ‘everything of record’, then you will need to access to the local (County wherein property is located) recorder’s office database. ?Most every County now provides an online search option that will allow anyone to look at an index of recorded documents (searching by grantor/grantee and sometimes also via APN). I find looking at the index alone can answer a key question in my mind (e.g. is their a subordination agreement? A lis pendens? IRS lien? Release of lien?) … yet it is also very helpful to look at the full document image/pages. A handful of Counties give you full (no charge) access to documents, but the majority will only show basic ‘index’ info (doc type, doc number, party, recording date). To get a full look/see, you need to be ‘cheeks-in-the-chair’ down at the recorder’s office … or… there are a few subscription services (e.g. RealQuest, CourtHouseDirect.com), that will give you full access to recorded documents. I would add that it takes practice/time/experience to sift through recorded docs. One tip is to make sure you have checked docs under each party on title and also check name variances (John B Good and Jonahthan Beethoveen Good) … cause you never know what you’re gonna find ;).

Hi Ukos, ?

Just to add to the comment above that ForeclosureRadar does offer a link to the county recorder where you can do your lien lookup. ?In addition, you can also purchase documents directly from our site.

If you want some assistance with this, please email us at support@foreclosureradar.com and we can offer some guidance.