Lane Guide and MERS

Will the Lane Guide give me contact info for a lender that shows as Mortgage Electronic Registration(MERS)?? There is a property that? became bank owned.? I have a client that is interested in purchasing the property.

Try using the search tool on the MERS website, it’s free.

Yes. Lane Guide matches not only by Lender Name but also by Lender Address. You will notice that most listings will have “MERS” registration will show Mortgage Electronic… as the lender name. However, the address for the lender will correspond to the servicer – so you will get the servicer’s name and contact info too. If the address is for the trustee, that info will show instead.

Brilliant Richard! The address issue makes perfect sense. Very cool that our integration with your service also looks at the address therefore it provides an ideal tool for quickly finding out who the real lender is. Thanks for posting!!!

What type of lender information will the Lane Guide provide?

Hi Judy, The Lane Guide is a directory of lenders. They not only have the corporate offices but also the payoff departments, REO departments, loss mitigation departments as well as origination. They typically cross reference lender names so if ABC Lender is a subsidiary of XYZ lender they will reference that as well. Title companies have used the Lane Guide for years to find the payoff department for the various lenders so that they could order a payoff demand since that was usually not a function of customer service and this allowed you to go direct to the right department.