Lead Generating Website for Investors

Looking for an inexpensive option to the Jeff Adams product. They were selling this thing for $1500 at a seminar. I know that is too high. I want something with squeeze pages and free reports to generate leads from sellers and buyers.

Anybody have suggestions on an affordable real estate investor website service?

I use http://nopsites.com/howtoshortsalelead.html its very cheap and good,

Check out my website from them http://re-pinpoint.com/

btw- I m not an affiliate. this company does not do affilliate marketing and thats why its so cheap

did that help kevin?

Yes. That is a great deal. I just went to the home page of nopsites and watched the video. This has no set up fees and a very low monthly fee. I’m in. Thanks for the tip, Lance.

btw- NOP stand for “new outlook Property”

FYI- if your in to short sale, they have another site, where they will partner up with u on short sale. if ur already have everthng handle then this it probably not for you. http://www.newoutlookproperties.com/SecRet.php

good luck with everything

I went to www.nopsites.com which is the home page.

They have another video on this page that explains the lead website service.

I’m cancelling my other website service now. This one will save me a few hundred this year.

thanks again.

I use Open Road, which was created by a short sale investor to run his own business. There are several price points, all based on a monthly service fee, no setup. Depending on how many squeeze pages you want determines the monthly fee. The system is setup to capture leads coming into your squeeze page, auto emails are sent out, and as the deal progresses tabs open up giving you additional applets for working your deal.

Drop me an email at shortsalegreg@gmail.com and I can send you a link from my account to take advantage of the no setup fee offer.

Good luck

I use nopsites. Used Open Road before but nopsites beats them on price/service.

This actually answered my downside, thank you! I look forward to more here at www.foreclosureradar.com!

I canceled my hosting service with this company…there is no support system, and they keep charging your credit card even after cancelation