Lead Generation Website Recommendations?

Hello Everyone,

I wanted to ask if anyone had any recommendations for websites geared towards investors?

I’m well aware of carrot.com but at this current point of time I do not want to pay $118 a month as I am testing out a new marketing flow where I am driving traffic to my website through direct mail (custom message, not the I buy house’s for cash message) and PPC and SEO is not needed. The overall goal is for them to sell the house to me.

I’m leaning towards wix.com as it is very cheap, would love any recommendations as its the first time I’ve went through online marketing.


@Karanb101 Based on your needs as described, I think Wix is a great choice. Given that you are primarily using the website as a landing page for marketing campaigns you might also consider a landing page focused tool like https://swipepages.com/ ($29) or unbounce ($79). Hope that helps.