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Any advice on CRM systems for Realtors?

Any advice on CRM systems for Realtors? I’m probably going to move away from my current broker so I’d like to find one that I can control where it won’t matter where I move. Just curious if anyone has had success, thoughts, advice, thoughts on cost.

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Welcome back @rayryan. Seems like many brokers have a preference and they do that because they have other technology integrations they want to deploy. Going to see if I can get Patrick Ferry in here. This is a good question.

Erik Bee might also have some thoughts. I only have experience with Pipedrive and Microsft CRM. I can make both work. Microsoft is expensive per user. I think it will also depend on what kind of automation you want to get going.

@rayryan CRM’s are a funny subject in the industry. There are many low cost high functioning CRM’s like a Lion Desk and many more like it for super low costs. Then you move up the latter to the most dynamic CRM that top agents and team use like Follow Up Boss which will run you closer to $100 per month. Where I ended up was in the third camp, CRM and website combo pack. I believe I have the best one for the most reasonable cost (compared to the others), Sierra Interactive. I can do SEO, IDX, and multiple mass communication tactics that don’t exist anywhere else but that costs me $400 per month for all those features. Can you see why this question is so messy! I try to deconstruct what I want it for and what I need to get a result, then go to the market. If your CRM isn’t going to make you money then just use a spreadsheet, Google Contacts, I Contacts, Microsoft Office for almost free or nothing. Hope that helps


Thanks for chiming in. I have never heard of Sierra Interactive so I will check it out. I agree with it depends on the functionality you’re trying to deploy.