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How are real estate investors using Zapier?

I’ll be honest, I’m not the most technology savvy. I watched the video on integration and I see 2,000 integrations and I immediately get stressed lol. Can someone give me an idea on maybe where to start? What integrations are people using to really help automate things?


You’re not alone. I look at that list as well and it’s overwhelming. I emailed Ethan Wood to see if he’d chime in about which integrations he most often deploys. the two most popular that I see is CRM integrations and lead automation.

An example would be, in PropertyRadar if you set up a dynamic list and a property fits that criteria when it’s added you can set up some cool integrations. Perhaps a postcard is printed automatically. Partners like Print Genie. Check out this webinar that our CMO, David LePlante, did with them. It may give you some ideas.

Another popular integration is pushing it into a CRM system which may trigger workflows that you’ve designed. Now, in my experience, CRMs in our industry can be a little intimidating. It takes some research and there are so many options. I have experience with Podio, Pipedrive and Dynamics CRM. I know a lot of investors that use Podio. There are some CRMs where investors have built workflows they will actually sell.

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I don’t use a CRM system, I’ve been mainly using google sheet to manage leads.

It’s not for everyone and you may not even need it. I know plenty of investors that use PropertyRadar to just call people, they don’t even do direct mail. I think it just really depends on your strategy. If you’re targeting a very small niche and you can easily manage it from within google docs, that’s great. Investors that are doing extensive marketing campaigns using multiple channels and tracking ROI and managing multiple team members use CRM to track efforts.

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The mailer piece I’ll take a look at. I have to admit I haven’t played at all with automation.

Hi Robert! I can help. Zapier is really the wizard behind the curtain and is the connection tool between two softwares. So PropertyRadar is the trigger. You can setup a PropertyRadar list to trigger when a new match takes places. This sends that data immediately to Zapier. Once Zapier has the data now we can distribute it to 1000 different outputs but here are commons:

  1. Direct Mail Softwares to fire off a template mailer you have already setup. Andy can help you get Print Genie setup.

  2. CRM Systems like use promo code pdp-wood for a Free Pro Version for a Month.

  3. Bulk Email Softwares like Mailchimp to send a single email or add that new property owner to a email drip campaign also know as a series of emails over time.

  4. Text and SMS systems like JustCall to send marketing SMS to the property owner

  5. Ringless voicemail systems to drop a pre-recorded voicemail right on the cell phone.

  6. Direct Alert to yourself in real time of the new match. PropertyRadar’s App will send a push message but perhaps you want to Slack Message your team? or Direct text Message them.

Just a few ideas!


Oh my. lol. It can do text marketing. Gonna be honest, I personally HATE text marketing. Does it even work?

You’re not alone. We had Erik Bee on the Data Drive Real Estate Podcast and he said he does SMS marketing first and ends in direct mail which I thought was interesting. Start listening in the show here:

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i have clients sending a drone video of the month to clients. Ppl love seeing the big huge house they can’t afford lol. But it keeps your name on their mind so it does work!

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He shares that there’s a lower cost of ROI and still believe in direct mail after he done some qualifying.

Do they get permission?

Yes absolutely. the end user must opt-in. Most ppl use monthly newsletters to sign the folks up for the drone videos texts. Also you must have a “stop” or opt out at the end of the text or you risk burning that phone number. To clarify, you can’t directly text a propertyradar list match without having that person opt-in thru other methods. A direct mail sending them to a landing page where they opt in…bingo you are golden! What the PropertyRadar trigger will allow you to do is to know the initial source of that lead and how you got that person onto that text list.


@EthanWoodConsultingany favorite services for text messaging. I see a few.


It worked! Pulled this by typing “SMS” at

I just heard about SMS marketing lol. I had no idea there were so many companies that do it.

@aaronnorris isnt it incredible! so many have hit the sector

@zorikmatos i prefer it is the most forgiving with phone numbers and US country code plus I prepfer Pipedrive as my go to CRM system and JustCall has an expanded integration with Pipedrive so you can see all calls and texts right on your contacts data card. It also has a great autodialer and bulk SMS service. And if you really want to get interesting is has a SMS bot so you can send surveys and questions and see if you can get your potential audience to engage


Thank you so much. I’ll go internet diving for videos and check it. Always nice to have a referral as a place to start.

I was just about to ask this same question. There are so many!

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