Purchase Phone Numbers

Hey guys Im looking for a main source to purchase phone numbers and names. As of now when I pull a list of say 1600 and even if I ask to purchase phone numbers Im still only getting say 1000 phones and sometimes a lot of blank names. Is there a source you guys use to purchase phone numbers or do reverse addresses in bulk?

Right now I go to fiver and use a guy but would be nice to have access to a skip trace software of my own,.

I have Belles link which uses TLOxp from Trans Union but it doesn’t do bulk search if I don’t have names?

Thanks for your help :slight_smile:

Hi Brett,
We don’t use 3rd party skip tracing services as we have over a billion phones and emails built-in and pre-matched. We source them from the same places as other top-tier vendors like TLO, so there is really no reason to do 3rd party matching. We have found a few vendors with higher match rates, but when we’ve tested them against ours the right party contact rate is lower (no phone is better than a made-up phone, which I now believe is what some of these vendors do). No company has a perfect right party contact rate, but ours is consistently as good or better than others we test against (by making actual calls).

Match rate will depend a lot on your list. if your list includes a lot of trust and company-owned properties the match rate will drop. Though, here again, we should be better than most vendors as we can often find the principal at the company or individual behind the trust.

All that said, the match rate you reported still seems low, and you should never see blank names. Please share details with our support team and ask them to investigate.

Wow that great to know Sean as we are planning to just use PR as our main data source as we rebuild our database and grateful to have your team. Everyone has been so on top of the support and big shout out to Keith,Tyler and Abigail they all have been AMAZING in helping us out with automation and basics!!!