MLS requirement

Do ALL banks require a Short Sale to be on MLS before they look at an offer? ?If not, which ones do not have that requirement?

Hi Debi,

Most lenders require that the property is listed on the MLS. ?The reason is that they are trying to make sure the property was listed for sale on the open market and make sure (as much as possible) that the contract is a market rate agreement and not just a secret between the buyer and seller. ?Most lenders will not accept an offer if the property has not been listed on the MLS. ?That said, there are more than likely examples of short sale approvals where it was not listed on the MLS. ?It is still the wild west out there.

What I really wanted to know is “Do you know of any SPECIFIC lenders that are not requiring MLS?”

From your answer I assume you don’t know of any or you would have mentioned them :slight_smile:

Debi - I do not have any referrals of lenders who do not require a short-sale be listed on the MLS, however maybe one of our other forum readers can direct you. Keep checking back.