Property Radar on an IPad

I was hoping to have access to the new site using my Ipad. I’m sure it has to do with flash. Is there plans to revise the site using html5 so we Ipad users can use the site in the go? I understand there is the an iPhone app which I use, but it’s not as good as the actual site.?

Hi Fred - PropertyRadar is all HTML5 based and the iPad (2 or greater) is a tested and supported platform. If you are having any difficulty please contact support. Sorry for the delayed response.

While PropertyRadar now offers both an Android Phone App and an iPhone App (available in their respective app stores or via links at the bottom of, please keep in mind that these shouldn’t be downloaded for use on tablets. ?Tablets will function best by using their internet browser to log directly into ?In our internal tests on iPads we’ve found Google Chrome to run PropertyRadar significantly more quickly and accurately than Apple Safari so if you’re having performance concerns with Safari consider trying Chrome.?