App for Android (Update: Android Phone App Is Now Available!)

I have a Samsung Charge (Android) on the Verizon network. It supports Adobe Flash 10.3. Is there a way I can download your app for the Android? Itunes will not me to connect to my account from an Android device. Normally, I would use my office computer for ForeclosureRadar, but this app would be helpful on occasion in the field. Barry Bennett

Hi Barry, Although we have not tested the ForeclosureRadar app on the Samsung Charge we have done some testing on the Xoom. You can access our site when the device supports flash the problem is that the screen is typically too small to make navigating the site easy. We have also found the connection and the speed to be a little challenging.

We recently launched a new product PropertyRadar which does not require Adobe Flash. This web based application was designed to run in all modern HTML browsers including on most tablets. While this web app might run on phones, the interface was designed solely for tablets, laptops and desktops. For phones we plan to release an iPhone app shortly, followed by an Android app in the first half of 2014.

We have no plans for an Andorid app for ForeclosureRadar. That said PropertyRadar will include all the features of ForeclosureRadar, and much more, making it a better choice anyway.

Hey guys any news on the property radar app for android, an update please.

Hi Matt, The Android app should be available very soon. We do not yet have a scheduled release date, however, we are getting very close!

PropertyRadar now provides an iPhone App and an Android App, available in their respective App stores!



For Tablets no app is needed, simply log in via web browser (Chrome, Firefox, Safari, IE) and use PropertyRadar from there. ?One thing to note is that in recent testing we’ve found Google Chrome to be the fastest and most compatible browser to use, with significantly quicker speeds and better functionality than IE and Safari.