When is the android app coming? (Android App is here!)

This question was first asked in 2011.?? When is the android app coming out so I can use the product on my tablet? ?Lack of the app is a deal breaker.

Hi Andy -

Our new product PropertyRadar is designed in HTML5 and will work on your newer tablets. ?You can use PropertyRadar on an?Android 4.0+ Tablet without an application. ?

Please feel free to contact me at support@propertyradar.com for any assistance or details.

PropertyRadar now offers an Android Phone App! ?We’re actually multiple releases into offering the Android App and it has been performing well! ?You’ll be able to find the Android App at the bottom of the page at PropertyRadar.com or by visiting the Google Play App Store (http://goo.gl/Ic4wUh). ?Please contact Support with any questions.

For Android and iPad Tablets: Please simply log in using your internet browser. ?No app is needed, the apps are for smartphones only.