App for Androids?


Will there be an app for androids soon?


Hi Steve,
We do not have any immediate plans to add any additional platforms. That said, our development team is working on several different potential solutions to providing service to the growing android market. Stay tuned…


Even better … get an iPhone :wink:


Ifone is ok for everything but use as a phone. An associate carries an ifone for some play and browsing a Blackberry for voice calls (which never drops calls and are clear as a landline, text, and email). I use a BBerry because I am overseas a lot and make use of free email, which BB has in 100 countries, and free roaming via voice on T-Mobile.
If I wanted to go thru a learning curve, I would, probably, now get an Android based phone. Ipads and ifones aren’t good for RE people because they don’t run “Flash”.
Android will soon be the main platform, at least for business, and the ifone/ipad will be a niche market - the way the Mac is now.


PropertyRadar does now offer an Android Phone App along with a new iPhone App! Both can be found in their respective app stores (Google Play and Apple iTunes) as well as via links at the bottom of If you have any questions on how to get these up and running, or have any trouble finding them, please reach out to PropertyRadar’s Support Team.