Using on the road. Android application or export to google maps? (Update: Android App Now Available!)

I see export as csv and the route feature. But the route feature is designed to be a print out. I’d like to either export to google maps or be able to use FR with an android device. My phone has google maps, GPS but not the FR data. I know I can export as csv, import to google’s fusion tables, map it and then export to google maps but I bought a subscription so I don’t have to do all that.

iPhone/iPad doesn’t support Flash and you made an app for them.

Thanks for that comment Marino…just bought a Thunderbolt Droid and we pay for Foreclosure Radar but can’t use it on phones…that pretty much sucks and I think FR needs to step up.

Hi Nanci, We certainly understand your frustration. The android phones have certainly become a game changer. The development team is looking at a variety of different options to resolve the ever changing technological issues. We just wanted you to know that you have been heard!!

Any progress on creating the app for the droid platform?

Hi Eric, Although we are working on several projects we do not have any immediate plans to release an app for the droids. As you know our site requires the use of Adobe Flash which is not available on any of the phones. With the rapid advancement in technology we are working on ways to make our site available on all devices as opposed to just creating a app for specific devices.

No Michelle, you got it backwards.
Android phones can use Flash just fine. It’s iPhones that don’t play Flash and yet you have an iPhone app.

Sorry Marino. We are working on making some changes so that you can use the site from the devices that support flash. Even larger screens like the Xoom are difficult to navigate. We are working on some changes that will make it easier to use the site from the droids but we are not working on a specific app for the droids.

Also, some of the droids support only a “flash lite” which will not operate our site.

You can take all the time you want. I don’t care. Just don’t use Flash as the reason for the delay because you have an app for iPhone and iPhone does not support Flash AT ALL. Never did.

Hi Marino, That was the reason that we went into development on the iPhone app. After the iPhone the droid market really took off and our development team has been working on a bigger picture solution that would work on the new phones and tablets. The smaller screens certainly pose development questions that we are hoping to resolve. I am not aware of any phone that supports flash that will actually run our site.

Being that trustee sales are held usually at the court house or where there is not readily accessible a computer I am shocked that FR would not have released a fix for this. Usually TS bids are reduced last minute so the fact that we can’t access this information on the go reduces our chances of being successful.

I agree–this app for droid is a must. One of the main reasons we went with smart phones was to access our FR info when at the courthouse…so much for that idea—didn’t know until it was too late that the site woud not work on the droid…crazy.

There are quite a few of us waiting for this app, but it seems that the Radar development team doesn’t have the talent necessary to develop it. Perhaps they may need to add to their staff.

HI Tony, I can assure you that we are working on several new features and some massive changes to our site. Just last week we assembled a group of power users that will be beta testing the new features in the coming months. We do not have a release date but know that our development team is working on it.

Did u know HTC holds over 40% of the cell phone market, iPhone only 20%. It only makes good sense to have an app for HTC

HI K, Watch for some changes in 2012 that will address this issue.

Any updates on an app for android? Browser with flash will NEVER be a useful option. thanks!

HI Rod, Our dev team is working on a complete redesign of our site which will move away from Flash. This will not only help the android market but also the ever growing tablet market. We decided to put all engineering efforts into this redesign as opposed to an app for the android. We are looking at a release mid 2012.

Looking at this thread it started in May 16, 2011. It is now May 1, 2012 and you mentioned then your team is working on developing app for Android market. It is now almost 1 year and still no progress? If I don’t see an app for my android devices to access I’m cancelling my FR account. Sorry