mobile app for andriod

Is there an app from foreclosureradar for Android tablet? Only saw one for iphone

Hi Zodong,
We do not currently have an app for the Androids. This is certainly one of the most frequently requested features and we know that the Android market has continued to gain market share over the iPhone. We know that our development team is aware of these requests and we are working on some changes that may make it possible to access the site from the ever growing tablet market as well as the android phones.

This is a 5 month old post. Still no app? :frowning:

HI Getngear, We are actually working on a complete redesign of the site and move away from Flash. This will allow full functionality on the tablets and would eliminate the need for an app. Watch for this to be released later in 2012.

what’s the ETA on the android app?

Hi NeedAndroidApp, We are still working on the new release for later this year. Due to the ever increasing tablet and andriod market we are moving away from Adobe Flash and redesigning the site to be more user friendly with the smaller screens. By doing this you will be able to access all search criteria as opposed to a limited subset of the search fields like our iPhone app. Although we do not have a release date we are still on target for the latter part of 2012.

I am a longtime subscriber to foreclosureradar and was excited to see this thread. How is the Android support (in app or browser form) coming along? Are you still on target for the latter part of 2012? Thanks for the update.

HI Scott, We do not have any updated release dates but it will not likely be in Q4 of 2012. We know that many of the newer tablets that support Flash are working for some of our subscribers but certainly not optimal for the smaller screens. Watch for announcements later this year. Oh, and if you are interested in being a beta tester please feel free to email me at

PropertyRadar now offers an Android Phone App! ?We recently added a new version with increased functionality as well. ?To learn more or download the PropertyRadar Android App, please visit? search for “PropertyRadar” in the Google Play App Store. ?An upgraded iPhone app is also available on the iTunes app store.

*** Please keep in mind that is intended to be a PHONE App and that on tablets you should simply log into PropertyRadar through your internet browser as you normally would at