Short Sales and Title companies

What are the best Title companies to work with while doing short sales and quick turning them for profits??

Any title company should be highly motivated to work with you on this front. Interview the 2-3 that are most convenient for you, and ask them how many short sales they’ve handled, in what way’s they can help you get deals closes, etc. Make sure you interview both the escrow officer, and the title officer.

Thank you.? I finally identified a title company that will work with me and my option contract.? It’s been tough, but I found one…thanks for your feedback!

Good to hear. Please let us know who you found and why you liked them.

Could you share what title company you chose? Thanks.

Woud you be so kind to share?? kindly email to

Any double closing escrow & title companies in Southern Cali, particularly in L.A.??
I know of one in cleveland, ohio…

First American Title Company of Napa is one of the Best. They can handle transaction all over. They are the best.

Looking for investor friendly title company in Fresno, Ca.


I am an outside sales person for a title company. I have clients in all 50 states and my company does not work in all 50 states. I have alot of clients who are short sale investors with fully funded back-to-back closings. I particuarly need a company who can do back-to-back closings in New York, Michigan, Ohio and Texas and other states. My Michigan client has 3 - 4 closings coming up in two weeks with 6 - 8 more coming up after that with a total of 10 - 15 per month just one from this one client alone. I need a title company who knows how and will work with short sales with fully funded back-to-back closings. I am running out of time for the Michigan client and need to hook up with a company fast.

Plese call Dan at:

(845) 784-6487 I am located in New York

Never mind on my last posting. Our company can provide title insurance, mobile closers and underwriting all under one roof in all 50 states including short sales with back-to-back closings. Back-to-Back closings must be fully funded on both A-B and B-C ends of the transaction and the purchase contract must have specific verbiage for our underwriters to provide the title insurance.

Call Dan at: (845) 784-6487 or e-mail at:

National Title & Settlement Services, Inc.

Dan - Who are you using for your transactional funding? Are you in that business? I am building a network that may compliment what you are doing, lets talk sometime. Twitter = @paulbarrow, or

We do deals in FL and CA. Looking for title company who can close AB & BC transactions in CA bay area. Please kindly email or call and leave a message for Keenan 407-284-1655.

I’m looking for a compan can do double closing without A-B to be funded. Please email me

In Northern California the Title Company is also typically the Escrow Company. You will not find a large title company that will allow their escrow officers to participate in a double escrow. The liability is far too great. You will need to look for an escrow only company that is willing to do a double escrow. Although there are a few in Northern California you will have better luck looking in So Cal where the title company and the escrow company are separate. Keep in mind that a double escrow with the first leg being a short sale will be very hard to insure.

Hey guys,
Ive got my buyers ready and waiting but i need a good investor friendly title company to close my deals with double closing and simultaneous closes in nyc, i am in the metropolitan area. thank you for your help in advance investors. charlene

You will undoubtedly need to look for an independent escrow company who is willing to do a double escrow.

I own a full service title insurance company in Michigan. We are happy to give are services to anyone that is need of some great service! We handle the counties of Wayne, Oakland, Macomb, St Clair, Genesee, Ingham, Lapeer, Livingston, Jackson. Please send an email if you are looking for a new title company to give you and your clients the service they deserve.

Hello, Barron, I am located in Chicago and do anticipate doing business in Michigan in the near future. What is your website address or phone number? Are you guys going to be doing double-closings? Do you anticipate expanding your coverage area in the near-future as well? Sorry for all the questions (lol).

HI Barron, Im in Michigan also…Im interested in building a relationship with a reputable title company who’s very investor friendly and familiar with double closings, short sale assignments, Land Contracts, etc. Please contact me @ thank you so much for your time!! hope to do business with you soon.