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Short Sales and Title companies


If your looking for funding for your real estate deals. Please email me at


I work with two title companies in San Francisco Bay Area that handles double closing A-B and B-C transactions. Short Sale, REO…etc. One title company is San Jose and one in Walnut Creek. Send me an email and I will forward you the info.


Hi, I am interested in the names of the title companies in the Bay Area that will do double closings. Thanks in advance!


I would be very interested also. Please post if you can.


South FL Investor looking for investor-friendly title company for South FL SFR’s. Last two companies closed : (

All Short-sale’s.

AB-BC transactions, double escrow, transactional AB close, whatever needed.

Arm’s length buyers. 2-4 deals per month.

I will not fight you over fees. Just want them closed.

Please call 305-640-8637
Please email


I’m looking for a company can do double closing without A-B to be funded in Northern VA. Please email me.




Hello Everybody! If you are looking for an investor friendly title company that will do double closings and simaltaneous closings, you need to contact me. 99% of the closings at my office are these types of deals. I would love for you all to come try me out and enjoy the low closing fees that I can offer you. Please contact me if you would like more information on all the services I can offer you, you will not regret it and hope that you can make my title company your home!
Aaron Kopczyk
Southeast Professional Title
My Contact info:
Office: 407-539-0781
I look forward to hearing from you!


Barron, Looking for title insurance company in Michigan. John Carr Carleo Associates


I’m a realtor and investor, just started on wholesaling side and I was looking for investor friendly title company and found this link. Can you please send me the title company info which is in San Jose and a good escrow officer contact info also? I would really appreciate it.


I’m looking for a full service title company in Michigan, that is sensitive to investor strategies: independent escrow company who is willing to do a double escrow/double closings, and short sales. I deal primarily in the counties of Oakland, Macomb, St Clair, Genesee, and Lapeer. ?


The laws may be different in Michigan but I do not know any title companies in CA that will allow a double escrow especially on a short sale. The liability is too great.


I am interested in the title companies info. Still investing? Thanks. Janet


I came across one of your old post about the title co. in the bay area for back 2 back closing could I have the name of the two you use I would be very thankful …


All day long Janet. Back to back/trusts/shorts/etc. We wrote the book.


Just wondering if this tread is stil alive. Im looking for a double close friendly title company in New York. A-B transactionally funded. You can throw an atty contact as well it would be greatly appreciated. If you are either one or both please forward your guideliness and fee to

Best Regards
Gerry Hernandez


Very interested in the two title companies that will do the double closing. Any help is greatly appreciated. Thank you Sincerely, Gabriel


can you please post or email me the title companies that do the double closings… ty very much


All of the threads are still alive.


Hi - we have a nationwide title company that understands short sales and double escrow transactions. We are familiar with the liabilities and also have a Lobbyist team on capital Hill working “for the investor”. If you have a need to do double closings, HUD flips, REO flips etc. Please contact me: 888-476-4114 Ext 2.