Taking physical possession of a purchased home?


Assuming a home that one has purchased (in California) at auction is unoccupied, my guess for the best way to actually ‘take possession’ would be to get inside and have a locksmith re-key the entire place. ?
Is this how it is done??
Has anyone had any problems ‘proving’ his ownership of a new property to someone like a locksmith? ?


You can show the locksmith the receipt the trustee gave you and explain the situation. Alternatively, and easier in my opinion, go down to your local home improvement store and buy a ?re-keying kit?. You can rekey up to 6 locks for about $20 and it is relatively simple actually. You just need to know what kind of locks are on the home (Kwikset ect). If your not sure take a picture and take it to the store.


There should not be any problem. Just go for Los Angeles Locksmith :wink:


Yes you can show the locksmith your papers. this should work.


I bring my cordless drill with my titanium drill set. I look for the door with the cheapest lock, and then drill out the lock. The replacement lock is much cheaper and faster than a locksmith.


Nice tip on using the drill!


With the right legal papers it should be easy to prove ownership of the house. After that you can go and buy a re-keying kit.