We make Loans to Buyers on the Courthouse steps

We have funded buyers “on the steps” (in the Bay Area) for 10+ years. For the past year, because of the volume, we mainly have been (physically) in Alameda County. We want to expand, again, to cover more counties.
Our terms/requirements are as follows:

  1. The buyer puts up 30%, we put up 70%.
  2. Note is for 6 months, int. only monthly, 12%. Charge is 6 points added to the Note.
  3. You must have purchased and sold and least to other properties. (We aren’t equipped to deal with newbies.) If you are new, we might be willing to work out some other arrangement.
  4. Some of our clients have found that with bidding on the steps reaching retail levels, they can find better deals on the MLS if they can come in w. cash and close quickly. We make loans like this on the same basis as above - except charge 5 points instead of 6.
  5. There are situations where we can’t cover a particular County for a client. In those situations they need to put out their own money. We then put up our loan funds to them later that day or the next morning.

Several ForeclosureRadar subscribers are also our clients.