court house & hard money logistics

I’m a beginner who’s looking into the possibility of buying a primary residence at a trustee sale. I understand the risks involved, but one question I have is regarding the logistics of hard money financing. How do I get the hard money loan completed in time to pay for a winning bid on the court house steps? I’ve read where you have a day to come up with the money, but there’s no way I want to risk a hard money lender not funding me in time to pay for the transaction and then losing a 10k deposit. Do I have to find a hard money lender who will physically come to the courthouse with me with their cashiers checks, or is there another way of doing it?

i.e., is there a way to get guaranteed hard money financing before a successful bid?

I’m in Staninslaus county, CA…not in the big cities, so I have my doubts there’s a hard money lender in town willing to physically show up with me.

Actually you have to pay in full and in cash at the time of sale. Most traditional hard money lenders won’t touch lending at the sale. Some auction investors will do this, however. Your best bet is to ask around at the steps and see if you can’t find someone.

I was sent your posting and perhaps I can help with your issue. I am a very large investor in a few counties with Stanislaus being one of them. Feel free to contact me as we have a program where we purchase properies for buyers. See