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does anyone know of good/fast hard money lender that...

does anyone know of good/fast hard money lender that will loan on properties at 70%ltv up to 3 years int only

Two research sources.? First, look in tthe Yellow pages under both Loans and Mortgages.? You’ll have to do some dialing for dollars to ask if they do hard money loans and on what kind of properties, terms, etc…? The other source is to enter the following in Google - “Hard Money Loans” - “name of your city”? Be sure to use the dash and the quotation marks.? Be aware that many lenders are now loaning to a max of 65% LTV and, if you are a new client, require 10 - 20% of your money put into the deal.? I haven’t heard of any that will do 3 years.? Most are 6 -12 months.? Keep in mind that with interest of 12 - 15%, plus 4 - 8 points and other fees, 3 years would take most of your profit away in interest, fees, etc.? Another source is your local Real Estate Investment Club.

Forgot another good source.? Many mortgage brokers also broker both private lender and hard money lender loans.

We’re a private lending firm, both traditional bank lending and private investment lending, for residential and commercial properties of all types.? We typically can fund many private money deals on properties in 7-10 days, but again, it all depends on the strength of the file and where the property is at.
Unless you know a specific person who is a private money investor in your local area by the subject property, 3-5 days for funding is probably not going to happen.
Please contact if we can be of any help to you.? Good luck!

Hello we have Hard money lender list. and subprime money
Sfr and commerical from 50% to 65%
Loans from 20k to 1 million
Rates from 9:99%to 13%
Direct lender.
free and clear deals close in 5 days
Subprime files will take 7 to 10 days refis and purchases
YOu can visit us at moolahlist.

We have private investors who will buy 1st Mortgage - Trust Deeds
You can sell your note and get one lump sum for the future payments in the same Sale escrow transaction… found money built right into the sale/purchase of your property. Money right in the Purchase transaction that will allow you to sell your property and your buyer to obtain the money to buy !

We are a private capital group specializing in financing properties purchased at auction. We can go up to 75% ltc and can fund within a week. Feel free to email me at with any details.

Thanks and good luck,

YES, I can help. 949 554 4335