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hard money lenders

Best hard money lender to work with in the SF Bay area or Northern California?
What hard money lenders return your calls?
What results is everyone having with in-state hard money lenders?

On September 3rd, inside the Rio Hotel - Las Vegas we are hosting the largest hard money lenders event this year.

Here are some of the topics discussed:

How to create an investor mortgage pool

How to position your business #1 on Google search engine How to create a residual income from your mortgage pool How to underwrite and fund your own deals How to lend and broker hard money deals How to take advantage of the REO market

Go to HardMoney or call 858 736 7788

The next hard money national conference in las Vegas is February 25th. Pitbull Mortgage School


Hard money lenders are easy to find…Scotsmanguide, CAMB members, google hard money lenders, bruce norris out of Moreno Valley…Donald Kung out of San Mateo 650-577-8600 ex 121, Dru Anderson out of SF…

contact me if you want other contacts I’ll be happy to point you in the right direction.

KNOW THIS…hard money lenders are scared. They want you to have skin in the game too. Instead of lenders for deals…look for partners/investors…you will make way less money but if you have a deal then at least you benefit from something. If you think you know what a deal is…that’s not good enough. you need to know what a lender, investor or partner is looking for in their criteria. The amount of your work, the amount of risk you share and what you bring to the table all should be in direct relationship to how much you money you make.
Contact me if you are curious to know more…

Dan Rogers

You can try using this service: You will have direct access to the top bridge lenders who are currently lending. Good Luck!

We are a group that places private capital secured against 1st trust deeds. Feel free to contact me at

Yes, 949 554 4335

Private money to lend. Short term. one to four flat. Bay area.

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