What are the steps to take after auction?

Hi all, what are the steps to take after you have paid full amount of the bid? And how to let the tax personnels know that you’re the new owner? Where do I go, IRS or the county? I didn’t win anything yet but I’m planning on bidding one. Also, how do I notify the HOA that I"m the new owner? Please forgive if I have some obvious questions.

By the way, this site rocks! You guys are such dedicated folks. Best of lucks with all!

Hi Tran - sorry for the delayed response. After the sale you will provide vesting informtion and the trustee will send you a deed. Take that deed to the county recorders office and file it. That will automatically alert the assessor and tax collector. Ultimately the HOA will find out as well, but it is probably a good idea to reach out to them so you don’t start accruing late fees.